tamara's artworks are available in both the united states and in europe.

expanded fine art and commercial portfolios are also available upon request.

for further information about exhibition, purchase or interest in availability for your projects tamara can be contacted via the email form on this website.

please include your contact information in the body of the message so you can be reached by telephone or skype if your preferred method of communication is direct  & non-email.

( this is a security measure only, with having no problem giving out direct contact details once contact is created.)

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tamara's work is available in NYC @ OSMOS address (50 east 1st street) & images from the explorations portfolio are available for purchase through Saatchi Gallery's Online portal http://www.saatchionline.com/tamararafkin


examples of tamara's commercial work are available @ SmArtbe , stock images carried by both Getty (illustrative)  & Corbis (celebrity/music) 


you can follow her adventures in ceramics on her wordpress blog aramat3d.