August 26, 2018 Whiskey Stories and Art in the Garden - artist event

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Hello Everyone!     

Please check out my next fun event! Being held Sunday afternoon August 26, 2018.

I'll be collaborating with the wonderful Rachna Hukmani to bring her Whiskey Stories to my garden for a fantastic afternoon of whiskey tasting, art, fun & frivolity to round out the summer.

Please check out the info for the event here:  Whiskey Stories: Outdoor Garden Party and use the code: Tamara to get a special rate of $60.00 p.p. on the ticket price.

Space is limited so sign up for your tickets early!


Studio Sale - Raising Funds for a new permant studio! Through the end of July!

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Hello All!

I am in the process of obtaining a new permanent studio space and home.

To do that I would love to raise more funds to help with the process. So I am offering various images from my explorations body of work at a special summer sale discount.

Works available can be seen in the studio shop link on the site - password: summer2018


If there are works you love and they are not in the sale feel free to contact via the contact link to discuss prices and availability.


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"What the World Needs Now" group exhibition September - October 2017

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Happy to announce participation in the group exhibition "What the World Needs Now" curated by Anita Arliss and Ruben Natal-San Miguel. 

Part of Atlanata Celebrates Photography 2017 this exhibition will be at the B Complex Gallery 1272 Murphy Ave SW Atlanta Ga.  

Openjng reception is September 16th from 7 to 10 pm.



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"Nightflowers" 30'x30"/ 76cmx76cm
- Sometimes there is an image that seems to capture peoples attention more than others. This is one of those.

It was included in the “3rd International Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography” Municipal Heritage Museum, Malaga Spain in late 2014 and seems to be a favorite of people who 'pin it' & share it online.

All of the edition, sans 1 , have gone to collectors and the last one has recently resurfaced. ( The editions are small only 3 with one AP).

If it calls out and you would like to add it to your collection please feel free to contact the studio via the contact link on the left. It would be nice to know it is being enjoyed.

Autumn Update 2015

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Somehow it's October - not sure how that has happened but 2015 has been quite an adventure and it's not done yet.

So far this year has seen creation of two complete bodies of work one photographic - the Scars project & one ceramic - A Crack in the Still of the Night.

It has brought to me the chance of being in several places - living in Belgium, an artist sojourn in Berlin, a visit to Italy, a stop in in Paris and finally relocating to New York , essentially a home-coming but now with the view of being from two lands.

If you follow the Instagram feed you've been able to follow this adventure via the Lost&Found , #WindowStories and random visual tid-bits that wind up there. I hope you continue to follow and share the visual wonder that I share there.

Any move is disruptive and it seems as for the past year all I've been doing is moving, so to say I'm thankful for all my angels, family, friends, collectors and supporters that have been on this journey with me so-far is an understatement - Thank You.

As we head into the shorter days and crisper nights know that while still in a sort of re-entry limbo there is creative work going forward - printing, making, looking.

If you want to know more or see something in person feel free to contact me via the contact link.


Changing Locations

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Hello everyone,


  This is to announce that as of mid-July the studio (and artist) will be moving. The past ten years in Belgium have been wonderful and inspirational but as life has it it is time for a new chapter.

 So the atelier is being packed up and will be re-locating to NYC. Online information will stay the same so fell free to contact through the site here.



Sleeping Houses & Watchful Houses Published

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Here at the studio we are pleased to announce that this month in OSMOS Magazine Issue 05 Winter 2014 they have included a portfolio of the Sleeping Houses and Watchful Houses. This is the first time these sister series have been published and we are excited it is in such a wonderful Photography Journal as OSMOS.


Last few weeks current exhibition and upcoming exhibitions

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As November is almost here that means that the 3rd International Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Malaga, Spain that I happy to have work in is in it's final weeks. If you happen to be in that part of the world please stop by the Heritage Museum and enjoy the exhibition.

Coming the first week of December here in Brussels I will have both photography and ceramic work on view at The American Women's Club in Rhode St Genese. As an American woman expat in Belgium it is a nice chance to share my work with other members of the expat community in Brussels and of course you don't have to be an expat to come enjoy the exhibition. The exhibition will be on from the first week of December through the Holidays with a vernissage ( opening) Thursday the 4th of December from 18:30 until 21:00. I will be showing smaller works and ceramic works more accessible to collecting for the expat ( always moving) public. Also a great moment to pick up some original artwork as a gift for someone special.

Currently I'm working on a collaborative project here in Aalst with Pieter Van Keymeulen & Renate Coen involving Pieter's and my photography and Renate's written words. We will be exhibiting this work sometime Spring 2015 in Aalst Belgium.

Also pleased to announce my involvement in Kunstzomer Leiestreek 2015, where I will be exhibiting my photography. Details aren't fully worked out yet but exhibition period will be Summer 2015 - more information to come as it is available. Looking forward to this exhibition in West Flanders.

If you would like to be added to my announcement list don't forget to go to the mailing list page and fill in your info. I promise not overload your in-box.


Opening 18 September 2014

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Hello - Below is the press release for the Biennial in Spain opening this month that will have one of my works ( Nightflowers ) included in it. I am so pleased to be included in this exhibition with so many wonderful photographers. Thank you to the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards for choosing my image to be included in this.


For More Information and request

of files for media, Contact:
Victoria Werbin
Phone: +34 952 060376
            +44 7024087340



July 31, 2014







A visual feast for Malaga this autumn featuring 164 artists from 25 countries.


Malaga´s largest international contemporary photography event, this exciting exhibition will run from September 18 – November 9, 2014, at the Heritage Municipal Museum.

This is the third edition of the Biennial, which first opened at the Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid in 2010, and then opened at the Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires in 2012.

In this third edition, the Biennial will showcase the works of 164 artists in a 8,400 ft space at the modern Heritage Municipal of Malaga.

Open Tue-Sun 10am to 2 pm and 5pm to 8pm (free entrance) everyone is encouraged to take part in this visual art celebration. Alongside the exhibition will run a series of free events including workshops and talks, announced on a day to day basis at the Biennial.

This year 164 artists were selected to exhibit representing 25 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Singapore, Russia, Romania, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Norway, Malaysia, Latvia,  Italy, Israel, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, France, Dominican Republic, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, Australia, and Argentina

Spring Information

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Hello everyone!

My travel to NYC over the past month was a busy time mainly in the darkroom printing more of the Watchful Houses ( soon to be online) as well as images for the Worries project that will be part of the final installation of the 21 works planned. A few new images that may be the beginning of a new series also made their way through the color processor and as I can, I will post them as well.

While working hard in my rental darkroom of choice ( My Own Color in Chelsea, NYC) I was happy to find out that my NightFlowers image was accepted to be part of the 3rd International Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Malaga, Spain opening September 18th, 2014 and on view until November 9th, 2014. I'm looking forward to having work in this exhibition which will be held at the Municipal Heritage Museum in Malaga.

I'm also happy to be able to let you know that OSMOS address NYC ( the Gallery part of OSMOS magazine) not only has on view Sleeping Houses 6 but now also has a selection of both Sleeping Houses and Watchful Houses prints available to be viewed. Please call the gallery if you would like to make an appointment to see the prints in person.

That's all for now, here's hoping I have more to report to everyone soon.


Online / gallery information

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Today I awoke to news that Saatchi curator Rebecca Wilson has chosen Nightflowers as part of the online collection of New Photography on SaatchiOnline . For those of you interested I keep an assortment of works there available through SaatchiOnline  for purchase , mostly works from my explorations series.

Also if you are in New York , or the NYC area feel free to stop by OSMOS address on the Lower East Side of Manhattan ( 50 E. 1st Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues)  where you can find images from Sleeping Houses and shortly Watchful Houses.

If you are interested in receiving information and invitations to exhibitions of my work please don't forget to sign up via the mailing list page here on the website.

Thanks for stopping by,



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Sometimes time goes by really quickly, really quickly! This year is turning out to be one of those times. So here we are and it's Autumn already.

The past six months have been full of life; while I'd like to say that I have plenty to announce, most of what I have say is that I've just been working. In my studio, at the ceramics atelier, while exploring regions of France I've never seen and where I may be at the moment.

Creating artwork isn't a very linear path sometimes or is it always easily explained. So while I've been giving myself the chance to explore some new ways of working (shooting with my SX-70 and Iphone) two new projects have been forming - albeit slowly. You can seen glimpses of them in my digital sketchbook and maybe soon I'll be ready to compile them.

Hopefully soon I'll have some new news about an exhibit or two but in the meantime I'll just keep working...and if you find you are interested in something you see here on the website and want to know more about it please don't hesitate to contact me, just use the contact link on the left.


Watching Houses materialize + gallery update

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April has been a busy month and as it draws to a close here's an update of what's being going on...

Having spent a good portion of the month in NYC I finally had time to get into the rental darkroom I print at-  My Own Color . That being said, the Watchful Houses series now has 8 images in their Full Edition of 3 prints + Artist Proofs; as well as a 9th with half the edition done. Images below are the prints available and the edition is split between continents as usual with half in art storage in NYC and half with me in Belgium.
 If you are interested in seeing the images in person ( on either side of the Atlantic) contact me and it can be happily arranged.

Also I am pleased to announce that OSMOS Project Space  ( 50 E. 1 Street, NYC) has Sleeping Houses 6 and if you are interested in viewing it please contact Cay Sophie Rabinowitz at OSMOS . 

Looking forward to sharing more news soon,