"Sleeping Houses 1" to be exhibited in Berlin and Rio de Janiero

Added on by Tamara Rafkin.

 I am pleased to announce my involvement in URBAN SPACE co- curated by Wooloo Independent Curators Sixten Kai Nielsen and  Martin Rosengaard both from Berlin with Llana Bessler and  Randolph Albright in Rio de Janeiro. This will be the first public viewing of an image from my new series “Sleeping Houses” that I am currently working on here in Belgium. The works will be presented as projections in this group exhibition which will be shown in Rio de Janeiro and Berlin at the same time. I am excited to be involved in such a project and happy to share this information with my friends and long time supporters. I am grateful to all for your continued interest and support. - Tamara
URBAN SPACE is part of the biannual Brazilian photography festival FotoRio, taking place in Rio de Janeiro in July 2007.

The project includes 25 artists for official participation in the 2007 edition of FotoRio.

URBAN SPACE invited submissions from artists working with issues regarding the urban environment, such as anonymity, community, displacement, informal architectures and gentrification. Traditional documentary photography as well as urban portraits, architectonic interventions, actions and documentation of street art projects were considered for selection.

On July 20th, the selected images will be projected at the festival location Oi Futuro - a landmark cultural institute in Rio de Janeiro. Simultaneous with the projections in Brazil, the same selection will be projected in the Berlin gallery New Life Shop.

Connecting its presence in two major urban centers, URBAN SPACE aims to create a link between the urban experiences of both participating artists and audiences.

FotoRio is established to promote contemporary photography through exhibitions, projections, urban interventions, courses, seminars, workshops, talks and lectures. FotoRio was founded in collaboration with the international photography festival “Festival of Light” - an event created by photographers, collectors and photo studios around the world.

The “Festival of Light” encompasses a range of major photo events such as Mois de la Photo (Paris, France), Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografia (Buenos Aires, Argentina), PhotoEspaña (Madrid, Spain), Fotoseptiembre (México), Fotofest (Houston, USA) and Fototage Herten (Cologne, Germany).

URBAN SPACE is part of the Wooloo Independent Curator program.