Urban Space with "Sleeping Houses 1" goes traveling!

Added on by Tamara Rafkin.

Email( excerpt) from Wooloo as follows:

Dear URBAN SPACE participant,
The opening night of URBAN SPACE in Berlin and Rio went very well with more then 400 visitors in the two locations. Actually, the work was so well received that other venues are interested in hosting the exhibition. 
We are very pleased to let you know, that URBAN SPACE has so far been selected for further participation in the 7th Festival of documentary photography FOTOPUB in Slovenia http://www.fotopub.com/english/eng.html, as well as in the 5th edition of FOTO ARTE Brasilia http://www.fotoartebrasilia.com.br/indexbpi.html in Brazil.
While FOTO ARTE Brasilia will take place between October and December of this year, FOTOPUB is opening already on the 6th of August and running to the 11th....

....Also, we are currently applying for further festival participation with the project, as well as fundraising for a URBAN SPACE publication. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you would like to have your work shown at all upcoming festivals and would like to be included in a possible publication. You will of course be notified if these things happen.
Thanks again for participating in URBAN SPACE and supporting Wooloo.
All the best,
Martin Rosengaard
Wooloo Productions