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April 15, 2009
Brussels’ Art Fair with a difference!
June 5‐7, 2009

Opening its doors on June 5 and celebrating all weekend along with the European Elections – Brussels’ Accessible Art Fair is continuing its unique tradition for a third year; bringing international artwork to a Brussels audience.

Combining originality, accessibility and a chance to talk and buy from the artists themselves BAAF is a veritable agora of colors and prices that won’t have you heading for the door.
For its third year programme BAAF is collaborating with Silken Berlaymont Hotel bringing art closer to Schuman and the heart of the EU in an effort to open the doors of inter‐European Culture and art; as well as taking on a charitable role with an auction night planned on June 6.
Following the success of last years BAAF; director Stephanie Manasseh is hoping for an art fair to remember:
“Last year’s edition was a great success but I know that this year things are going to be on a different scale.”
International artists will be exhibiting their paintings, sculpture, photography, and prints, all priced between €50‐€3000.

The Brussels Accessible Art Fair is a unique initiative in Brussels attracting visitors ranging from first time art buyers to art collectors on the lookout for new talent. Whichever you are, you will find what you are looking for.

In a move towards charity the second night of the fair will also be dedicated to a charity night and a first time auction whose resulting funds will go towards the children at Les Amis de L’Institut Jules Bordet.

Entrance is Free
Dates and times below:
Friday 5 June 18.00‐22.00 Saturday 6 June 11.00‐17.00 Open to public 19.00‐22.00 Charity night and auction in benefit of Les Amis de L'Institut Jules Bordet asbl‐ Tickets €10 Sunday 7 June 11.00‐17.00 Open to public

Contacts and information:
Stephanie Manasseh BAAF- Brussels Accessible Art Fair
Tel: 0486 634676
High resolution photos of art works are available for print orientated media – these can be emailed at your request
L’Institut Jules Bordet :