with a little help from your friends...

Added on by Tamara Rafkin.

A dear friend of mine is fighting cancer - it's turning into a long battle and today she is heading in for what can only be called the beginning of round two.

Like so many of the people I know she works freelance and lives in what can only be called a high cost of living city, so her friends are circling the wagons to help her out in what is going to be a bit of a tough time for her. The surgery she is going to have today and the following treatment is going to make it hard for her to work and so I'm offering up prints that I have in my studio from my Meminisse series ( which means to remember) at a very affordable rate. They were originally printed for an exhibition in Brussels and then editioned for an art fair in Brussels that I participated in.

All the photos are archival digital prints on matt A4 paper, with the image sizes varying but presented in a way to allow easy framing in an A4 frame without matting. Originally 75 euros a print, I'm offering them for this fundraiser at 35 euros ( or $35.00 if you are in the US). 50% of the sale price goes directly to the fund to help out my friend - the other 50% pays for shipping/handling and most of the cost of the print.

Images are here and on my FB artist page , payment options via PayPal. Please use the contact button on the website to order and include your email address and mailing address in the email.

Thanks! Tamara

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