Added on by Tamara Rafkin.

Sometimes time goes by really quickly, really quickly! This year is turning out to be one of those times. So here we are and it's Autumn already.

The past six months have been full of life; while I'd like to say that I have plenty to announce, most of what I have say is that I've just been working. In my studio, at the ceramics atelier, while exploring regions of France I've never seen and where I may be at the moment.

Creating artwork isn't a very linear path sometimes or is it always easily explained. So while I've been giving myself the chance to explore some new ways of working (shooting with my SX-70 and Iphone) two new projects have been forming - albeit slowly. You can seen glimpses of them in my digital sketchbook and maybe soon I'll be ready to compile them.

Hopefully soon I'll have some new news about an exhibit or two but in the meantime I'll just keep working...and if you find you are interested in something you see here on the website and want to know more about it please don't hesitate to contact me, just use the contact link on the left.