Autumn Update 2015

Added on by Tamara Rafkin.

Somehow it's October - not sure how that has happened but 2015 has been quite an adventure and it's not done yet.

So far this year has seen creation of two complete bodies of work one photographic - the Scars project & one ceramic - A Crack in the Still of the Night.

It has brought to me the chance of being in several places - living in Belgium, an artist sojourn in Berlin, a visit to Italy, a stop in in Paris and finally relocating to New York , essentially a home-coming but now with the view of being from two lands.

If you follow the Instagram feed you've been able to follow this adventure via the Lost&Found , #WindowStories and random visual tid-bits that wind up there. I hope you continue to follow and share the visual wonder that I share there.

Any move is disruptive and it seems as for the past year all I've been doing is moving, so to say I'm thankful for all my angels, family, friends, collectors and supporters that have been on this journey with me so-far is an understatement - Thank You.

As we head into the shorter days and crisper nights know that while still in a sort of re-entry limbo there is creative work going forward - printing, making, looking.

If you want to know more or see something in person feel free to contact me via the contact link.