TRUC TROC @ the Bozar - Brussels Belgium 31-1 / 1-2 2009

Added on by Tamara Rafkin.

I am pleased to announce that my work has been accepted to the 5th edtion of TRUC TROC at the Bozar in Brussels, Belgium. If you are in the area, please add it to your calendar and try to attend. It is a very fun event and affords the opportunity to see a lot of great work

TRUC TROC at the Bozar. 31 January: 19:00- 2:00  and 1 February: 10:00 - 18:00,  2009.

Below is the english information from the Bozars website( to go to website please click on TRUC TROC logo):

Truc Troc, everything except a classical exhibition, is an artistic, musical and festive evening, weekend-time, plastic artists from all sides, but also musicians, dj's and performers !

During the weekend a simple principle is proposed to the visitor: trade all kinds of objects, services, trips or anything else depending on your imagination, against original pieces of modern art. Of course, the artist has the choice in the trade. He can choose whatever he likes most, depending on his interests and on what he feels covers the value of his art. Money is never involved in this concept of trading.

On one side, there are the confirmed artists, on the other side this fifth edition opens its doors widely for young artists to be discovered within the contemporary Belgian art scene.