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Added on by Tamara Rafkin.

  So, looking at the entry dates here it's obvious that I've been neglecting this part of my site for a while now. 2012 has seemed to have sped through ( at the same time it was crawling) and somehow I'm finding myself at the end of Summer. I spent most of the early months of this year dealing with a parent that was very ill and I've spent a good part of the Spring and Summer emotionally dealing with her passing while at the same time dealing with the normal things that go with being part of a household and the schedule family life stencils on my days.

  All these things impact one's life, one's creativity and one's ability to interact with others; in some ways I'm just getting back to being able to focus on my own work & in a few days I'll be heading to the Netherlands for an artist residency to do just that, focus. Time to begin what I'm envisioning as the sister series for Sleeping Houses and to explore where a new environment can take me. I'll be posting here and in the digital sketchbookon a regular basis in September while I'm on the journey that the residency shall be.

  In October, I'm also happy to announce, my ceramic work will be in a group exhibition in Oostende BE. Open during the weekends in October, if you are in Belgium please take an adventure to the sea for a day or so and stop by. The exhibition will be at Kunsthuis Artine, Oosthelling Kursaal 6, 8400 Oostende ( right by the casino). I'll post the invitation as soon as I have it.

So here's to a productive Autumn on the horizon, I hope you will join me in the adventure.