Creating what is abstract at first glance, but is actually a record of life - beauty from pain and destruction.

A metaphor for the scars we all have and that make us who we are.

We all suffer tragedy and pain; it is part of the human existence. We can choose to remember it and learn from it. Change it into something beautiful or we can choose to forget it, ignore it, cover it up and risk returning to it later to be hurt again.

These marks are of Berlin and they remain to remind everyone of the communal history. I became entranced with these details while exploring the city, these marks of the society's’ history and the acknowledgement of their past. They choose to remember, discuss and live with it as part of their being.

The wounds spoke to me, and in them I saw not only the anger and hurt of the past but the beauty of their existence.

The way the city acts as a corporeal body for the culture at large, exposing it’s scars and accepting them.






   Printed images are archival ink prints on mulberry paper.

Works are editioned and available at various print sizes.

A special edition folio of 8 pre-selected images is available as an edition of 20 with 2 Ap's.

(folio image size 10"x13")