In 2015 I had the opportunity to spend an extended period in Berlin focusing on my artwork after the end of a relationship. During the first week I was there, I gave myself space to heal while wandering Berlin opening myself up to what inspiration I might find to direct my work. It was during that time I noticed the amount of scars the older buildings in Berlin bare. Everywhere I went, I saw shrapnel wounds or repairs that left visible evidence of what has happened there. I became entranced with these details, with this marks of the building’s and the society's’ history.



The wounds spoke to me, and in them I saw not only the anger and hurt of the past but the beauty of their existence. Berlin is what it is, not in spite of these marks of history, but partially because of them and they can be beautiful; I wanted to honor that, to get close and witness it - to show the beauty.

This is what led me to seven weeks of traversing Berlin on foot for hours, looking and searching for these scars of time. Creating what is abstract at first glance, but is actually a record of the life of Berlin - beauty from pain and destruction and in that record also a metaphor for the scars we all have that make us who we are.




   This body of work is new and at this time a folio of 8 images in the series are printed and available.

Printed images are archival ink prints on mulberry paper. Small works folio of 8 is available as an edition of 20 with 2 Ap's. (image size 10"x13")

Large prints of approximately 29" x40" will be in editions of 3.