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Sometimes time goes by really quickly, really quickly! This year is turning out to be one of those times. So here we are and it's Autumn already.

The past six months have been full of life; while I'd like to say that I have plenty to announce, most of what I have say is that I've just been working. In my studio, at the ceramics atelier, while exploring regions of France I've never seen and where I may be at the moment.

Creating artwork isn't a very linear path sometimes or is it always easily explained. So while I've been giving myself the chance to explore some new ways of working (shooting with my SX-70 and Iphone) two new projects have been forming - albeit slowly. You can seen glimpses of them in my digital sketchbook and maybe soon I'll be ready to compile them.

Hopefully soon I'll have some new news about an exhibit or two but in the meantime I'll just keep working...and if you find you are interested in something you see here on the website and want to know more about it please don't hesitate to contact me, just use the contact link on the left.


Watching Houses materialize + gallery update

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April has been a busy month and as it draws to a close here's an update of what's being going on...

Having spent a good portion of the month in NYC I finally had time to get into the rental darkroom I print at-  My Own Color . That being said, the Watchful Houses series now has 8 images in their Full Edition of 3 prints + Artist Proofs; as well as a 9th with half the edition done. Images below are the prints available and the edition is split between continents as usual with half in art storage in NYC and half with me in Belgium.
 If you are interested in seeing the images in person ( on either side of the Atlantic) contact me and it can be happily arranged.

Also I am pleased to announce that OSMOS Project Space  ( 50 E. 1 Street, NYC) has Sleeping Houses 6 and if you are interested in viewing it please contact Cay Sophie Rabinowitz at OSMOS . 

Looking forward to sharing more news soon,


Sleeping Houses/ Watchful Houses & Fresh Art International

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Last week here in Belgium ( Flanders) was a week full of festivities @ Carnival and a school holiday - so that being said not a lot happened in my atelier/office BUT online...

as of February 11  Fresh Art International is featuring my two series "Sleeping Houses' & "Watchful Houses" in it's Fresh Vue section.

Thanks to Cathy Byrd and Fresh Art International for publishing the work online!

with a little help from your friends...

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A dear friend of mine is fighting cancer - it's turning into a long battle and today she is heading in for what can only be called the beginning of round two.

Like so many of the people I know she works freelance and lives in what can only be called a high cost of living city, so her friends are circling the wagons to help her out in what is going to be a bit of a tough time for her. The surgery she is going to have today and the following treatment is going to make it hard for her to work and so I'm offering up prints that I have in my studio from my Meminisse series ( which means to remember) at a very affordable rate. They were originally printed for an exhibition in Brussels and then editioned for an art fair in Brussels that I participated in.

All the photos are archival digital prints on matt A4 paper, with the image sizes varying but presented in a way to allow easy framing in an A4 frame without matting. Originally 75 euros a print, I'm offering them for this fundraiser at 35 euros ( or $35.00 if you are in the US). 50% of the sale price goes directly to the fund to help out my friend - the other 50% pays for shipping/handling and most of the cost of the print.

Images are here and on my FB artist page , payment options via PayPal. Please use the contact button on the website to order and include your email address and mailing address in the email.

Thanks! Tamara

-to see the images larger and see image info please click on image.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

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Thanks to Fresh Art International for featuring both Sleeping Houses and Watchful Houses this week along with work from 4 other contemporary artists this week at Art Basel Miami Beach!

You can follow them and their special Art Basel Miami Beach feature at the various places listed below. Don't forget to check out their podcasts for interesting and insightful forays into the contemporary art world.

(Below from the FAI Facebook Page)

FAI spotlights these artists during Art Basel Miami Beach: Sarah Hobbs, Tamara Rafkin, Amy Sherald, Scott Ingram, Sharon Shapiro, Carol Scavotto and Kesha Bruce. Follow their solos for the next 5 days:, Twitter and Instagram (@FreshArtIntl).

October and what's going on...

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It's been a very busy beginning of the month with returning from the OBRAS residency in Renkum, NL and all the wonderful people met at UNSEEN in Amsterdam last month.

Last weekend was the first weekend of the group exhibition with my ceramic work on view (for the first time); there are two more weekends of the exhibition at time of this posting and information is below in an older post as to the where & when.

Next week heading Stateside with a trip down South to Atlanta GA and Charleston SC. While mainly for personal reasons I've been asked to give a lecture at SCAD to the class of an ex-professor of mine on both my Fine Art and more Rock & Roll work that I'm looking forward to.

Time in the States is short and full of events, but if you're in either of the places I'm heading towards and want to talk about what you see here online just send over an email via the contact page.

Lots of new images in the Digital Sketchbook if you haven't stopped by there in a while and hopefully during Winter hibernation season I'll find the time to get more work online into the home page portfolio sections.

Thanks for stopping by,


This Week! Thursday - Amsterdam and UNSEEN -20 September 2012

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Please join me as I present my portfolio Thursday at the UNSEEN Photo Fair Portfolio Pitch in Amsterdam NL. starting at 20:00 until 22:00 at the MC Theatre on the Westergasterrein.

From UNSEEN "A selection of fifteen photographers will have the chance to present their portfolio to the audience in three minutes. The audience will then choose the three best portfolios and the winners will be invited to join the exclusive Masters Dinner on Friday 21 September. There they will join other highly recommended talents and will have an unique opportunity to meet major players in the international field of photography. "

If you are in Amsterdam please come and support my pitch!


Group Exhibition Oostende BE in October 2012

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This October my ceramic works will be included in a group exhibition in Oostende BE.  Open the first three weekends of the month during the day from 11:00 to 18:00.

Kunsthuis Artine is found directly next to the Casino in Oostende in the Kursaal Ostelling off the boardwalk/dijk.


What's going on...

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  So, looking at the entry dates here it's obvious that I've been neglecting this part of my site for a while now. 2012 has seemed to have sped through ( at the same time it was crawling) and somehow I'm finding myself at the end of Summer. I spent most of the early months of this year dealing with a parent that was very ill and I've spent a good part of the Spring and Summer emotionally dealing with her passing while at the same time dealing with the normal things that go with being part of a household and the schedule family life stencils on my days.

  All these things impact one's life, one's creativity and one's ability to interact with others; in some ways I'm just getting back to being able to focus on my own work & in a few days I'll be heading to the Netherlands for an artist residency to do just that, focus. Time to begin what I'm envisioning as the sister series for Sleeping Houses and to explore where a new environment can take me. I'll be posting here and in the digital sketchbookon a regular basis in September while I'm on the journey that the residency shall be.

  In October, I'm also happy to announce, my ceramic work will be in a group exhibition in Oostende BE. Open during the weekends in October, if you are in Belgium please take an adventure to the sea for a day or so and stop by. The exhibition will be at Kunsthuis Artine, Oosthelling Kursaal 6, 8400 Oostende ( right by the casino). I'll post the invitation as soon as I have it.

So here's to a productive Autumn on the horizon, I hope you will join me in the adventure.


GreenLight for Girls Chemistry of Photos with Impossible Polaroid

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today I'm at the GreenLight for girls Brussels event... hosting a workshop on the "chemistry of great photos... where I'm teaching girls about anaolg film and chemistry plays it's part and how it all works.

The Impossible Project has helped sponsor this with Type 100 Chocolate and Sepia Polaroid.

The Chocolate we are using for still life work with my Speed Graphic 4x5 camera and a type 100 back ...the sepia is being used in my Polaroid pro pack camera....

The girls are having a blast with most of their's 1st film/paper experience......I'm going to be sharing some of their work.....

Open Portfolio Night @ FotoFest Paris 2011, 8 November 2011

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You are cordially invited to the Open Portfolio Night at Lens Culture FotoFest Paris 2011
Held at the Spéos Paris Photographic Institute
where I will be presenting images from the series Explorations, Sleeping Houses and No Adults Allowed.

This is a special public event in coordination with the 2011 portfolio reviews as part of Lens Culture FotoFest Paris 2011
The public viewing hours are only between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm (18:30-20:30) and are free to attend.

I do hope if you are in Paris that you will be able to stop by and feel free to pass along this invitation to others you know that may want to attend.

Address for Spéos is 8, rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris

For more information please go to

All the best,


"Saucijzen" nominated in Still Life category

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"Saucijzen" (found in explorations under artwork portfolios) has garnered a nomination in the Still Life category for the 5th Annual International Color Awards Photography Masters cup. Online web cast announced winners on Sunday October 23rd, 2011.

A replay of the web cast is to be run online on Saturday the 29th of October 2011 at 21:00 Brussels/20:00 London/ 15:00 NYC / 12:00 LA . To view the web cast and/or see the list of winners and nominees please visit the Color Awards Website .

art works seeking walls

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at the time of this posting sitting in the studio is an abundance of small works.....pieces that have been framed over the past 2 years for various exhibitions in and around belgium.


if you have an exhibition you might need artwork for


a business that shows artwork in it's space ( ie. a cafe or restaurant)


a business that shows and sells art works in it's setting and takes a commission on sales


you are in belgium

then please feel free to contact for a list of what is available.

the art works would rather be somewhere people can see them instead of living in packing materials.....

thank you ,

the art works.

coming this autumn...

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i will be participating in this years portfolio reviews at Lens Culture Fotofest Paris 2011.

As part of this event, which leads up to the wonderful Paris Photo fair, Tuesday the 8th of November 2011 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm ( 18:30 - 20:30) the private portfolio reviews will be open to the general public to come and see the photographers work - including mine.

Please feel free to come by and tell your friends. It is always a joy to show new people my work and I hope you can make it.

Follow this link to the Lens Culture FotoFest Paris 2011 website for further details and information.

Summer is here.

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It's been a little quite here on the website lately, travelling made it a bit difficult to stay on top of the digital agenda. Hopefully over the next several weeks I'll be able to update the site a bit while waiting to hear about competition entries, residency opportunities and the like. If anything exciting happens I'll let you all know.

Meanwhile hoping to get outside a bit more and make some new images...enjoy the summer everyone!


work on view - ISG cocktail event @ AWCB 21 january 2011 ( work on view until 4 february 2011)

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if you are a member of the american women's club of brussels and/or live in the ukkle/st. job/ rhode st genèse/ waterloo area of brussels then stop by the awcb in rhode st genèse to see works on view in a group exhibition there from 21 january until 4 february.

exhibition is hosted by the international study group of brussels and i would like to say thank-you for the invitation to present my work as part of this group exhibition.

as the awcb is a private institution you may want to call ahead if you are not a member and are interested in seeing the work. location and contact information can be found on the awcb website .

Post- Art Fair

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Thanks to everone who stopped by the booth at the Brussels Accessible Art Fair. The responce to the works on view was huge and I enjoyed showing them to everyone. If after going home there is a work that has stuck with you and you've decided it's perfect for you, please don't hesitate to contact me here through the contact link on the left.

If you would like to know about further exhibitions please send me your email via the contact link or go to the follow on facebook link to join my facebook announcement page. Hope to see you again soon! - Tamara